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New & original Seiko Spt510/50pl Printhead


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The Seiko SPT510 drop on demand piezo printhead is compatible with a wide-range of grand-format digital printers. Fully equipped with 510 active nozzles for high-resolution (720dpi) and high-speed (50 pl) printing and steel-plate protection for a longer life, this durable printhead lasts 4-5 times longer than many common128 printheads.

- Technology: Drop on demand Piezo Electric
- Active Nozzles: 510
- Native Resolution: 180 dpi
- Max Resolution: 720 dpi
- Drop Volume: 50 pl
- Firing Frequency: 6-8 Khz

To be used with: Crstaljet F1804SPT510_50PL, Crstaljet F3304IISPT510_50PL, Crstaljet F4304SPT510_50PL, Crstaljet F4308SPT510_50PL, Crstaljet S4306SPT510_50PL, Crstaljet S6306IISPT510_50PL, Crstaljet F6308IISPT510_50PL, Infiniti FY-3278N, Infiniti FY-3276HA, Infiniti FY-3278F, Infiniti FY-3276R, Phoaeton UD-3278D, Phoaeton UD-3276E, Phoaeton UD-3278K
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