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Xerox WD1 / WD2 80kHz Inkjet Printhead

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The Xerox ® W-Series 80kHz Printhead family brings to market an industry-leading 5,544 jets in a compact printhead design combining high resolution, increased operating frequencies and a generous print width to maximize quality and efficiency for Aqueous and UV applications

Xerox MDF1 / MDF2 Inkjet Printhead

Price $1,891.00
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M Series Industrial Inkjet Printheads contain 880 active nozzles across a 2.93” printing array, designed to be used as a single unit or stitched together to form a wider printing array. A compact design with stainless steel construction of the core jetstack makes this platform versatile for several digital printing applications.

Genuine Seiko RC 1536 M/ L Printhead

Price $1,891.00
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A WIDE RANGE of usable VISCOSITIES, PARTICLE SIZES and DROP VOLUMES enables to create outstanding digital effects such as VARNISH, WHITE, METALLIC and more. Adaptable to a variety of applications like CERAMICS, CORRUGATED CARDBOARD, TEXTILES, 3D-PRINT, PRINTED ELECTRONICS and much more.

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